New reference designs available based on the new MSP430FR4133 MCU

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The Ultra-low-power MSP430FR4133 FRAM microcontroller is an exciting new devices with 16 KB of non-volatile FRAM, abundant input/output pins, a flexible and low-power LCD, and IR Modulation Logic. This MCU can be evaluated at a low-cost using the MSP-EXP430FR4133 LaunchPad Development Kit, but TI Designs are also available to showcase the MSP430FR4133 device in a full system:

  • Thermostat
  • Water Meter
  • Remote Controller

The TIDM-FRAM-THERMOSTAT reference design provides all of the common functionality of a thermostat and provides the schedmatics and software needed for an implementation using the MSP430FR4133 microcontroller. It can measure temperature from 0°C to 35°C with a 0.1°C resolution and information is shown on a 3.4-inch segment LCD. The design also features interfaces for a remote control or wireless connectivity. This design is a perfect example of the value offered by the 60 IO pins on the MCU. This feature provides flexibility to control the segment display, buttons and LEDs, while still offering the ability to connect wireless modules and remote controls. Additionally, the flexible software configurable LCD pinout, enables simplified PCB layout and the ability to switch LCDs using the same hardware design.

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 The TIDM-FRAM-WATERMETER reference design featuring the MSP430FR4133 MCU, is a fully-functional magnetic pulse water meter with automatic meter reading (AMR) 

functionality. The instantaneous and total flow is displayed on the LCD. This design works in low power mode thanks to the industry's lowest power LCD and reduces CPU engagement, which helps to reduce overall power consumption. The LCD can actually maintain contrast in the MCU's RTC/LCD-enabled standby mode. Plus, embedded FRAM enables real-time data storage and data storage in the event of a power failure.

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The TIDM-REMOTE-CONTROLLER-FOR-AC reference design includes battery detection, key-scan, RTC and infrared signal transmitting. This TI Design also leverages the LCD controller and FRAM available on the MSP430FR4133 microcontroller. The most interesting feature of this design is the new IR Modulation Logic, found only on the MSP430FR4x and MSP430FR2x MCUs. This hardware minimizes the design work involved in IR modulation that usually takes place in software. What's more, the software is optimized for low-power! 

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  • MSP430FR4133 Microcontroller


Ready to implement your own design using the MSP430FR4133 microcontroller?  Grab the new LaunchPad with integrated LCD to get started for only $13.99!