Only 30 days until Maker Faire Rome!

We're only two weeks from World Maker Faire in NYC, but in case you missed the post on our Launch Your Design blog, Rome Maker Faire will take place next month on Oct 3 - 5!

Stop by the TI booth for some cool giveaways and demos like the one below!

BLE Controlled Robotic Car using the MSP-EXP430F5529LP

And don't miss our workshops showcasing the Internet of Things (IoT) and BeagleBone Black – both instructed by our Maker gurus:

  • Saturday, Oct. 4 – Rapidly prototype your next IoT application with TI’s LaunchPad ecosystem
  • Sunday, Oct. 5 – Creating a sensor hub with data logging and web-based visualizations using BeagleBone Black

Let us know if you'll be at the show!

  • finaly i can see a TI stand in italy... i make a large use of msp430 and now i'm trying stellaris

    see you at the maker faire ROME!!!


  • We are very excited to see you there! Please visit us at our booth and tell us about the projects you are working on. We will be showcasing not only our beloved MSP430 technology, but also TM4C platform, connectivity, Sitara processors, BeagleBone Black and more!

    We will save a T-shirt specially for you Stefano! You can also register here to have the opportunity to win one of the 40 one/day entrances!

    See you soon!

    Laura Mora

    MCU Communications

    Europe, Middle East and Africa.

  • I'm in! Awesome news that you guys are attending... This is the largest makers' event outside of the US and I'm so glad it takes place in my home town (by the way, this year's venue is amazing). If other MSP430 enthusiasts want to meet up at TI's booth, post below and we can get in touch. Let's spread the love for our amazing platform!