Parsing the Internet of Things (IoT) with TI and Facebook

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 In recent years, cloud providers have started to offer public cloud services for IoT-enabled devices that deliver basic registration and connectivity, data storage, web dashboards, triggers and alerts and APIs to other cloud and mobile applications. These public cloud services dramatically reduce the barrier to create IoT applications. They take care of infrastructure, security and backup, and also provide a customizable platform that includes the basic functionality that most IoT applications need. Most IoT cloud services offer a free evaluation account and progressive pricing models for small and large customers.Typical embedded applications for the IoT connect cloud applications to provide users web access, mobile remote control, big-data analytics and integration into business applications. Until recently, these cloud applications were purposely built, maintained and used by large enterprises and required significant investment in infrastructure to achieve reliability, security and scale.

Facebook recently joined a growing list of cloud giants who offer a compelling IoT service through its official line of Parse SDKs for connected devices. Enhancing the capabilities of its successful cloud platform for mobile applications, Parse now offers embedded SDKs for select embedded devices that simplify the development of IoT applications using the Parse cloud platform.

The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 wireless MCU from TI is one of the first microcontroller platforms supported by the Parse SDK. After gaining a reputation for being the easiest embedded IoT silicon to design with and winning several IoT industry awards – it was no surprise the Parse team chose TI’s CC3200 wireless MCU to be one of the first Parse-enabled embedded platforms.

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCU and Parse open endless opportunities for new Wi-Fi enabled applications. As a demonstration for how easy IoT application development can be, the Parse team created a cloud-connected car using the CC3200 LaunchPad (CC3200-LAUNCHXL) and the Parse SDK. Check it out.

TI is proud to include Parse in its IoT cloud ecosystem, which includes more than 15 other cloud service providers that support TI microcontrollers, processors and wireless connectivity devices. TI’s cloud ecosystem helps manufacturers using TI technology to easily and rapidly connect more to the IoT while offering differentiated and value-added services. Learn more about the cloud partners and how they work with TI’s solutions by visiting our IoT cloud ecosystem page.

Welcome to the ecosystem, Parse!

You can view the full announcement here.