Selecting a development tool for LCD applications

Other Parts Discussed in Post: MSP430F2013, MSP430FG4618, MSP430F6779

In the past two weeks, Jennifer gave you a deeper view of our MSP430 LCD portfolio and introduced you to the applications and benefits of using these integrated devices in your application. Now, if you’re like me, you are ready to get started!

Today I’m going to explore some of the great development tools available from the MSP430 team. Specifically, I will highlight those tools featuring our 100+ devices with integrated LCD so that you can better decide which MSP430 is right for your LCD based applications.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at our 4 series. As you read previously, this series offers CPU speeds of up to 16MHz with 120kB Flash and has integrated features like a 16-bit Sigma Delta ADC for precise measurement. This family is a strong fit for applications including portable medical and metering. Intrigued? Check out the MSP-EXP430FG4618. This Experimenter Board is extremely versatile with both a MSP430F2013 and a MSP430FG4618 on board. You can use the included LCD screen, buttons, capacitive touch pad, audio output and even add a TI Wireless Connectivity evaluation module to implement a full solution.

Do you need higher speeds or more analog integration? Then the 6 series is the answer. These devices run at up to 25MHz and feature more memory and USB connectivity in addition to the LCD driver you need. The devices in this family are more powerful without compromising the ultra-low power you have come to expect from MSP430. If that isn’t enough we have a tool designed specifically for three-phase electricity metering coming soon. The EVM, based on the MSP430F6779, can be connected to the main power lines and has inputs for voltage and current, as well as a third connection to setup anti-tampering. If you throw in our Energy Library and available GUI, you can get started in no time!

Looking for an even more integrated solution? Then look no further! Our RF SoC series offers up to 20MHz speeds and 32kB Flash and includes LCD and an on chip sub 1-GHz radio. We even have a highly integrated and wearable development tool, the EZ430-CHRONOS. This tool is fully programmable and comes in a watch form factor. Check out some of the applications a tool like this can enable!

Still not exactly what you need? Looking to integrate an MSP430 directly into your system? We have tools for that too! Pick out an MSP430 Design Kits for the MSP430 that meets your needs.

If you are interested in LCD applications the MSP430 team is here to help! Don’t hesitate to ask questions below and head on over to to explore our LCD portfolio and choose the right tool today! To help you get started we will disount several tools including the MSP-FET430U128 and the EZ430-CHRONOS on 4/30! So follow us on Facebook ( or on twitter (@TXInstruments) to learn more.