The coolest Chronos applications in existence.

Do you ever think about what other engineers are doing with their Chronos? I found myself wondering just that and scoured the web for the coolest applications out there.



The eZ430-Chronos development tool has been available for quite a while now, but for those of you that don’t know, it is a fully programmable development tool in a watch form factor with a sub-1GHz radio built in. It is about time we showcase the most creative and exciting projects that people have created on such a platform. Let’s get started!

  • The Ultimate Workout Companion

The Chronos is a watch and with that in mind, the health and fitness area is a perfect place to start. This watch can do everything from counting footsteps to measuring heart rate. It can then combine its inputs to determine calories burned! All this with built in functionality to control the workout video you have playing on your TV.


  • The Wireless Door Lock

I am always happy when someone comes up with a way for me to carry less stuff. The designers of this project eliminated the need for keys to your home. They even thought to add a passcode so the system is truly secure!


  • The Remote Control

When I was growing up, I never really had a problem using the remote controls that came with my toy cars. Now I do! Who doesn’t want to control a vehicle with nothing but their wrist?



  • The Flying Mouse

This may go hand and hand with the previous project, but as a video gamer, this one raises the bar in a way I really appreciate. Control your PC by moving your wrist…Why not? I’m not going to lie. If I had this when I was younger, I could have saved a bunch of my allowance by trading my force feedback wheel for that copy of Ender’s Game!


Wow! There are a lot of people out there doing amazing things with the Chronos. I’m not sure anyone out there can do better. Disagree? Then prove me wrong. If you need a Chronos to get started, go checkout TI Deals and then come back here to share your best Chronos story.

  • Exosite  is also working with the EZ430-Chronos RF access point gateway system and monitor your wireless sensor data from the Texas Instruments “ez430-chronos” watch development kit and sends it to Exosite portal. We provided all the information about how you can connect products with Exosite and point to point information of APIs and demo of public dashboard on Exosite Portals.