VIDEO: This is Connect! Check out TI's newest video series with hands-on demos, SimpleLink™ tech and much more...

Hi. I'm Nick. Welcome to Connect, TI's video series covering all things connectivity. We have brought in experts to talk about the latest industry trends and TI's SimpleLink technology, hands-on demos, new product previews, training and more. The series can be found on’s training portal or on YouTube, of course. Innovation starts here!



Join us for a tour of the SimpleLink Platform, made by developers for developers with special considerations for IoT connected applications.  It consists of 3 parts:

  1. Hardware: featuring SoC Arm® Cortex MCUs and radios to support the broadest range of connectivity stacks :
  2. Software: Common SDK that all SimpleLink hardware is developed, enabling 100% code portability between devices:
  3. Development Tools:  Cloud tools, SimpleLink Academy on-demand training, LaunchPad ecosystem:

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