When it comes to USB, we’ve got you covered with MSP!

Looking to embed USB connectivity in your microcontroller application? Have you done some USB programming before, OR are you brand new to USB development? Whether an expert or just getting introduced, developers often find USB programming a bit cumbersome.

Adding functionality and improving accessibility to your device doesn’t have to come at the expense of more development time. TI has focused on minimizing the time you spend developing USB software, stacks and descriptors, so you can move on to making your product unique. No matter your experience level or stage , TI’s MSP430 Developer’s Package can be your best untapped resource. Combine that with new MSP430 USB development boards, and you’re on your way.

If you’re not already familiar with the USB Developers Package, now’s a great time to get familiar with this huge time saver. For those of you already well versed, enjoy checking out our new improvements to the tool. Included in the USB Developer’s Package is the USB descriptor tool – the only USB code gen tool like it in the industry. Yes, code gen – it writes your USB descriptors for you. We also include free USB APIs so you can simplify your Mass Storage Device (MSC), Human Interface Device (HID), or Communication Device (CDC) development.

To elaborate, the MSP430 USB Developer’s Package includes:

  • MSP430 API Code Stacks – Complete USB API library for implementing CDC ACM (Communications Device Class, for virtual COM ports), HID (Human Interface Device, for devices like mice/keyboards) and MSC (Mass Storage Class, for storage volumes).  
  • USB Descriptor Tool –  Quickly generates the device’s USB descriptors, and generates whatever USB interfaces the developer needs, in just a few clicks.  This includes literally any combination of CDC/HID/MSC interfaces within a composite USB device.  It saves the developer's time and reduces the chance for errors.
  • Java HID Demo Application – An example of a host-side HID application for general host/device communication, written in Java.   Used with the USB API examples, and can be used by the developer to write custom HID applications. 
  • USB Field Firmware Updater – An example of a host-side application that downloads new firmware to the MSP430 MCU over USB, using the MSP430 MCU's on-chip USB bootstrap loader (BSL).

On top of this, we’ve added some new features, and improvements:

  • New Python-based firmware upgrader for Windows and Linux
    • BSD licensed
  • Improved examples, documentation,  and navigation
    • New simple Rx/Tx examples using DriverLib, easily configured to work with MSP430 USB LaunchPad, MSP430F5529 USB Experimenter's Board, and FET target boards
    • Updated Programmers Guide and Examples Guide
    • TI Resource Explorer interface updates makes getting started even simpler
    • Improved Directory structure
  • Improved Descriptor Tool
    • Bolder and clearer GUI
    • Interface views improved to reflect functionality 
    • Manipulation of views simplified 

Using these tools for your next USB  platform can significantly reduce the time you spend writing software, especially if you’re new to USB. You can now find the new Descriptor Tool in the USB Developers Package, or visit the MSP430 USB page.

Take a look at this white paper if you want a deeper look at MSP430's USB capabilities. And if you're in the market for inexpensive USB hardware, see the new MSP430 USB LaunchPad. We’ve got you covered when it comes to MSP and USB!