Texas Instruments applauds House passage of Trade Promotion Authority

On June 18, 2015, the U.S. House passed Trade Promotion Authority by a bipartisan vote.  We welcome the House action, and look forward to TPA becoming law.

TI AvatarAs a global technology company with nearly 90 percent of our revenue from markets overseas, open trade is essential for us to reach our customers. We have strongly supported TPA-2015 by reaching out to members of Congress representing our sites to highlight the importance of the bill to our company. 

TPA puts the U.S. in the best position to reach trade agreements that can open markets and address 21st century trade barriers by allowing negotiators to conclude and Congress to approve new trade agreements. TPA also contains updates that will open markets for U.S. technology products. 

Learn more about why TI supports TPA-2015 and why open trade helps our industry grow.