CES 2016 Day 2: Tour the EvoCar

TI AvatarPicture yourself driving the car of the future: You take your place in the driver’s seat. You connect your phone, pull up the map to your destination and cue your music using a touchscreen control panel with colorful 3-D graphics that can be customized to your preferences at the swipe of your finger and sound of your voice. This integrated infotainment console leverages the “Jacinto” DRAx family of infotainment processors.

As you shift into reverse, your head never turns. Your eyes remain fixed on the windshield, where you see a crisp, colorful display providing a bird’s-eye view of the car – including both side mirror views and real-time pedestrian and object detection. This augmented reality experience – made possible by our advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) using the TDA family of ADAS processors – conveys critical information in real-time through a head-up display (HUD), powered by our DLP® chipset.

TI AvatarReady to go, you shift into drive. Traffic is stopped up ahead, so you signal a lane change and begin to steer to the right.

Buzz! The steering wheel and the right side of your seat vibrate, alerting you to an obstacle on the right-hand side of the road. You also see a warning in the windshield display. You are experiencing haptics technology – providing tactile feedback to alert you of potential driving hazards – and driver alerts through the HUD. You slow down and stay in your lane, confident in the state-of-the-art technology that is helping create a safer driving experience.

TI AvatarAs you continue to your destination, you effortlessly adjust your music playlist from the 3-D infotainment console in the center of your car. Meanwhile, your passengers are continually entertained. Right before their eyes in the passenger windshield is another display, a passenger HUD, powered by DLP® Products technology. The visual experience provides front-seat passenger infotainment in the form of movies, web browsing, books and more – all without distracting you from your very important job at the wheel.

Driving can be monotonous, and it’s easy to feel comfortable in this car of the future. But if you begin to feel sleepy, the ADAS system right before your eyes is monitoring your face, analyzing your head motion while two dots follow each eye to gauge activity level and potential sleepiness. When your eyelids droop slightly and your head bobs, the haptics-enabled steering wheel and seat vibrate while the HUD could provide immediate visual alerts, prompting your full attention to the road.

TI AvatarFrom driver monitoring to passenger entertainment – complete with hazard warnings, advanced information delivery, effortless infotainment and overall comfort – you’ve just experienced EvoCar. This featured product demo is on display this week in the TI Village at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

For an even more lifelike experience, check out our Periscope video tour of EvoCar on Friday, Jan. 8 or watch it on YouTube.