One to Watch: Engineer with ‘golden ear’ finds passion in music, audio tech

In our ongoing series, “One to Watch,” we profile TIers who are making a difference through innovation or citizenship.

Matt Beardsworth first fell in love with music when a friend in grade school introduced him to the 1970 Beatles album, “Let It Be,” by giving him a copy on a cassette tape.

Matt – who was only 9 years old – was captivated by the music on that cassette.

“I remember the album as a whole struck me quite a lot – particularly the guitar sounds, which were uniquely different from anything I had heard before,” he said. “I played that tape quite a lot trying to pick out every detail in the instrumentation of every song. Soon, I was listening to my father’s blues tapes – Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan come to mind. I was drawn to these for the same reason: the sound of those guitars.”

That was the start of a lifelong passion for music and audio that led Matt to learn to play the guitar and join a jazz and blues band. It also led him to a career in audio engineering here at TI.

At age 25, this young music aficionado is an audio applications engineer in our high-power audio group. He is also a do-it-yourselfer who builds his own custom amps and speakers to tune his ear for music and find out how the technology works.

“He lives and breathes audio,” said Tobias Nass, a product line manager who works with Matt. “While he has an excellent ear and is a musician, he is also an engineer. His passion for what he does makes him a great fit for our group.”

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