Top 6 ways DIYers are making the world more fun!

Happy Geek Week! At TI, DIYers are continually making the world safer, smarter, greener, healthier and, of course, more fun. This week, we’re celebrating makers with the top 6 ways our DIYers are making the world more fun. Check out the list and learn more about the parts that bring these projects to life.

1. Making popcorn chattier…Mark Easley combined the world of social media with one of our favorite treats when he invented the tweeting popcorn machine.

Check out a tutorial guide for parts used.

2. Making sports rowdier…Jason Rubadue gave sports fans more reasons to stand up and yell for their team with his FanFlare Rally Light.


Parts used: TI MSP430G2432 microcontroller (MCU)bq24092 battery chargerTLV70030 low dropout regulator (LDO)OPA348 low-power operational amplifier and TPS61160 LED driver.

3. Making beer brewing smarter…Leo Estevez created a better brewing process with a smartphone-controlled microbrewery kit using our MSP430™ LaunchPad. 

Parts used: TI MSP430G2553, TI MOSFETS, TI Power Management IC and TI Bluetooth radio.

4. Making robots even cooler…Last year’s DIY with TI chief geek winner was Koopa the Robot (created by Bart Basile, Amy Schnoor, Walter Schnoor and students from the Conrad High School Robotics Club). This robot is so robust that it can crash through and over tough obstacles without breaking apart, and it was a division finalist at First Robotics World Champs.

Parts used: NI Control System powered with TI Analog and a TI Mentored Team

5. Making chores easier…Marcus Cooksey created Rosie the Robot with the support of his Kids in Training for Robotics (KIT4 Robotics) to help kids complete simple chores around the house – like turning off a light switch.

Parts used: Tiva LM4F, 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F processor

6. Making hats geekier… Adrian Fernandez designed a smart hat with sentiment analysis that can tell when the twitterverse is feeling happy or sad based on the tone of tweets. 


Parts used: MSP430F5529 LaunchPad, CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack

Check out more DIY with TI projects and be sure to tip your (smart) hat to a geek this week! Have a project to share? Post about it in the comments!