New technology charges your smartphone in just 30 minutes

Focused on success
The project to create a higher current battery charger began several years ago. As consumers around the world increased their reliance on smartphones for connectivity and productivity, their desire for ever-faster charging times grew. At the same time, new models of phones got slimmer, so the space available for batteries also kept shrinking.

A team from Kilby Labs, which is our applied-research center, and our battery-management team developed innovative technology that doubles the power density, provides high efficiency, simplifies designs and reduces thermal loss in batteries.

The latest release is the bq25910, the first 6-A, three-level buck battery charger. The core of the device’s lightning-fast charging is a new three-level power-conversion technology never before productized for this application.

“The bq25910 epitomizes our company’s approach to thermal management challenges,” Jinrong said. “We continually strive to deliver battery-management devices that provide faster, cooler charging in all types of portable electronics.”