Stepping stones to technology careers

Deepa, 18, is determined to change the arc of her life.

Her family, who lives in Bangalore, India, has an annual income of about $265. But she hopes that a training program will give her the knowledge she needs to move up the economic ladder. The program is part of the Abdul Kalam Susandhi Fellowship (AKSF), which supports students who come from below the poverty line and have just completed their schooling. Students such as Deepa – who have a spark for learning but can’t enroll in a professional engineering program due to lack of funds or access to the internet – have been chosen to participate.

“It’s been a really great experience for me to learn technical things with practical knowledge,” she wrote in a thank-you letter to donors. “The program is totally different from ordinary courses. It’s really helping the students who are unable to get proper education because of financial problems.”
Our company helps fund scholarships for Deepa and 19 other students who are part of a one-year residential program that provides employment opportunities in the domains of very-large-scale integration, embedded systems and software engineering. Additionally, volunteers from our company teach students on the weekend.