Updated tool helps power supply designers get to market faster

You’re an engineer on a tight schedule to design a power supply for a robot that will automate a factory. Or maybe you’re designing the power supply for an automotive braking system. Or a remote-controlled toy airplane.  Or a smartphone.

You’ve got decisions to make. You need a switching regulator for DC/DC conversion, but there are over 1,000 to choose from. There are tradeoffs between efficiency, footprint and total cost based on the integrated circuit and surrounding components you choose. Your design has stringent performance and size requirements. Your team may not include a power-supply design expert or layout expert. The pressure is on.

Vinay Jayaram
Help is here. After a recent redesign, WEBENCH® Power Designer, the industry’s most-used online power supply design tool, is now even more powerful and easier to use.

“Time to market is critical for our customers,” said Vinay Jayaram, who leads the team at our company that creates online design tools for our analog portfolio. “We want to make it easy for our customers to select and design the right products for their applications quickly and accurately. We’re building intuitive tools that utilize powerful algorithms to deliver customized designs in seconds. These tools automate a lot of information contained in datasheets and application notes, generating the exact design a customer needs for their application.”

Our company pioneered the use of online design tools about 20 years ago. Today, tens of thousands of design engineers around the world rely on WEBENCH Power Designer each year.

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 WEBENCH Power Designer delivers high-quality, customized results and accelerates the power supply design process for both novice and expert engineers.

“At any company – big or small, in any industry, at any location in the world – there are going to be design engineers making decisions about what components to use for their next product,” Vinay said. “Designing analog systems accurately is difficult, and a lot of companies don’t have in-house expertise. We make it easy for design engineers to get accurate, high-quality designs and solutions that work the first time so they can get their products to market faster.”

For years, the team that designs online tools has been gathering feedback from customers, our company’s field applications engineers and others to learn what was most important for the people who use the tool every day. What they discovered was simple: Engineers want an intuitive experience and accurate solutions.

So Vinay’s team of analog experts, mathematicians and software programmers got to work building WEBENCH Power Designer with the right frameworks, algorithms and models for our company’s portfolio of power products. The result is a powerful, end-to-end design tool that’s fast, highlights content that design engineers need, and enables them to compare devices and make quick, customized decisions.

“Power management is critical for every application in the world,” Vinay said. “We help customers solve problems that will benefit the world. Using our technology and tools will help customers get to market faster with the best design that meets their system requirements.”