electronica: See how innovations in automation are changing your world

Automation is coming to your home, car, office and the factories that make the everyday components of our lives.

In smart buildings and factories, machines and appliances can think for themselves and talk to one another. And building managers and manufacturers are dreaming of a day when their equipment can operate autonomously. But it doesn’t stop with buildings and factories. Our cars will tell our houses to turn on the lights when we’re on the way home. Our offices will adjust the temperature based on how many people are in the office. Traffic signals will know when to change based on automobile and pedestrian traffic. The possibilities go on and on.

"Electronics in applications ranging from robots on the factory floor to a modern electric grid to appliances in a smart home will make our lives smarter and more connected as sensing and processing technology continues to advance,” said Stefan Bruder, who leads our company in EMEA. “Touch points in our cars, homes and factories will collect data that will be processed in real-time and enable machines, robots and sensors to communicate with each another.”

For electronica – a leading electronics show and conference held Nov. 13-16 in Munich – we’ll showcase our latest products and demonstrate how these technologies bring many of these innovations to life. To get a head start for the show, check out these 360-degree tours of a smart building, a smart factory and a smart car and learn how industrial innovations are making a difference today.

Smart buildings

Individuals and businesses are embracing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to run their buildings more sustainably and cost-effectively. But that requires more edge computing and a growing amount of semiconductor content. A host of innovations in automation will help make buildings safer, smarter and more efficient. Using our company’s sensing capabilities for intelligent detection, building managers will be alerted when systems don’t operate as they should, which will reduce downtime and inconvenience.

At electronica, we are highlighting our company’s sensing capabilities and connectivity technology that support multiple wireless protocols, including Bluetooth®, Thread®, Zigbee® and WiFi®. Take a look inside the home of the future:


Smart factories

Industrial IoT is critical in factory design. Manufacturers need smarter technologies to help factories run more effectively and predict issues before they happen. That means transmitting data to the cloud as well as from machine to machine. Manufacturers will need industrial automation, robotics, predictive maintenance and machine vision for more effective production lines. Take a look inside the factory of the future:


Smart driving

Car designers routinely look for ways to improve their vehicles, whether maximizing the driving distance per charge, improving vehicle perception and driver visibility, or enhancing passenger comfort and convenience. Manufacturers are turning to innovations such as vehicle electrification, digital cockpits, connectivity and autonomous driving technologies to create better driving experiences. Take a look at the car of the future:


To help bring these innovations to life, we've announced our new industrial-grade Sitara™ AM6x processors, which provide a gigabit data-transfer rate in a single chip. This technology makes the real-time automation possible. Developers can start working with the processors immediately.

In addition, our new portfolio of mmWave sensors can detect objects and motion up to 16 times more accurately than existing narrowband solutions. The cars, factories and homes of the future will rely on autonomous machines to improve efficiency and productivity. Heightened sensors make that level of autonomy possible now.

Experience tomorrow

Our company’s booth at electronica will be a great opportunity to check out the technologies behind smart buildings, smart factories and smart driving. Engineering experts at four technology centers will provide interactive presentations that feature power management, sensing, wireless connectivity, microcontroller, processor, gallium nitride and ultrasonic sensing technologies.

You can find us in Hall C4, Booth 131. Can’t make it but want to keep up with what’s going on at the show? Visit us on Facebook and Twitter, using #TIele18.