43oh wins the TI Community Highlight Award to kick off 2016!

and at MakerFaire Bay Area 2012 (Source: 43oh Blog post).

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"FourThreeOh is a community based around the popular MSP, Tiva-C and C2000 Micro-Controllers and Launchpads. Join us and share your projects. Also keep updated with TI news and exciting giveaways from our sponsors."

Congratulations to 43oh kicking off our TI Community Highlight Award for 2016
Thanks to , 43oh is a thriving Community of thousands of active Community Members that continues to expand well beyond MSP430 into all areas of TI Microcontrollers and also emerging areas like IoT. Whether you are new to TI Microcontrollers and IoT, 43oh has something for everyone in a rich Community with several industry Community Leaders like Gerard and others leading its charge. 43oh is premiere technical Community where you can learn, discover and help others. It features its own Store, regular contests, Forums (40 Forums across 9 sections), Newsletter, Blog, IRC Channel, Projects, Energia section, WikiTutorials and Twitter account. This best in class effort is precisely why we have a TI Community Highlight Award (January 2016 Winner) to showcase the best Community driven efforts out there and easy to see why so many call it home each and everyday!

Gerard (43oh) at Maker Faire 2013: