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INA186: Maximum Rprotect value

Part Number: INA186

Hi team,

Let me ask you additional question from this thread.

  • Is there limitation for max Rprotect value?
  • Is there anything concern or something needs to be cared for design by adding large Rprotect except for degradation of gain error and longer settling time?

Best regards,

Shota Mago

  • Hi Shota,

    section 8.1.4 of datasheet says <1k Relaxed


  • Shota,

    Kai is correct, we typically recommend less than 1kΩ as in the datasheet (for the concerns you state), but as Peter points out on the linked thread, you can use larger resistors if needed in the design. In fact, in most cases, these resistor values would need to be much larger than 1kΩ to ensure footnote 3 of the abs max table is met if this is the designer's intention:

    Your understanding is correct, the addition of these resistors causes degradation of gain error and longer settling time. That said, I would ensure you quantify the gain error with the resistors you choose to populate, as values beyond 1kΩ have a substantial effect on the gain of the circuit.

  • Hi Kai and Carolus,

    Thank you for your answer!

    Now my question is clear.

    Best regards,

    Shota Mago