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OPA567: Looking for a Voltage Amplifier

Part Number: OPA567

Dear TI support team,

I am looking for a voltage amplifier with the following specifications:

input voltage = 3.3 to 5 V,

output voltage = upto 1000 V,

frequency = 20 to 30 kHz

current = 5 to 10 mA.

Kindly suggest a suitable product

Best Regards,


  • Hi William,

    output voltage = upto 1000 V

    1000V ? Scream


  • Hello William,

    TI does not have any amplifiers that can provide 1000 V, or any voltage close to that at their output. This application seems like it would best be satisfied using a low-voltage amplifier such as a power op amp, followed by a step-up transformer. For example, if the 1000 Vpk was required by a load and the corresponding op amp output voltage was 5 Vpk, then a 1:200 step-up transformer could provide that transformation. Since the load current at 1000 V is 10 mA maximum, the current required to be provided by the power op amp would be 200 x 10 mA, or 2 Amperes peak. The OPA567 might be applicable, but the full requirements of the application would need to be considered before its use could be determined.

    Since the frequency is 20 to 30 kHz, the transformer size is much smaller than if the frequency were something like 50 or 60 Hz. However, the transformer primary current is fairly high (~2 Amps) and the secondary voltage is high too (~1 kV). I suspect that such a transformer is not an off the shelf device, but would have to be custom made by a reputable transformer company.

    Regards, Thomas

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