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UA741: Output signal voltage clips at 5V

Part Number: UA741

I'm trying to create a basic signal amplifier for an application in one of my company's products.  The requirement is that I be able to take an incoming signal voltage and output a higher signal voltage.  This amplifier circuit is to be used in one of the control systems and is not intended to drive high loads.  The incoming signal at pin 3 is high-impedance from the source, so I've omitted the input resistor from the design as it would serve no purpose.  I omitted a potentiometer between pins 1 and 5 as the offset voltage was measured at under 80uV and will not affect desired outcomes.  Pins 1 and 5, therefore, have been tied to ground, as has pin 8.

As you can see in the image below, this is a very basic non-inverting amplifier with a gain of 2.12.  I have omitted the bypass capacitors from each of the supplies as their presence and absence during testing have exhibited no effect on the issue I'm facing.  Everything works as intended, right up to the point I cross 2.34V input.  Anything higher and my output voltage clips at 5V.  I was hoping/expecting to be able to get at least 10V output based on the specifications section for this component.

How can I achieve the full output I need?