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INA381-Q1: Io_sink rating of ALERT pin

Part Number: INA381-Q1


Though my customer knows that the sink current of ALERT pin is limited by a pull-up resister, They would like to know the maximum rating current of ALERT pin.

Please tell me the absolute max rating for DC and Peak current of Io_sink.

Figure. 6-37 on the datasheet seems to show "Io_sink vs Vol" characteristics of ALERT pin . If so, It has the sink capability of 10mA. 



  • Hello Hidekazu,

    Figure 6-37 is a typical curve.  That would not include the worst case.  A guaranteed number is shown on the EC table at 3mA and will yield a 300mV output.  So if you assume a linear approximation you can assume a 100Ω to GND. So with 10mA could assume you will get a 1V output.  For highest current you need to take into account how low of a voltage is acceptable, power consumption and temperature increase, and voltage limitations on all the pins.  Alert cannot go above 6V.

  • Thanks for your comments.

    I have another one question.

    On Figure.6-37, ALERT's VOL is  around 40mV at IOL=3mA .  But on the EC table, It has VOL=70mV_typ at IOL= 3mA.  What is the reason of this difference?

    Either Figure 6-37 or the typical value in the EC table wrong?



  • Hidekazu,

    I believe the EC table is done with a 1 sigma distribution calculation and the graph was created from a single unit so they can differ a little.