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TL074: input common voltage and output swing range with supply +-12V

Part Number: TL074

Hello team,

My customer is using TL074I with +-12V supply, but in the datasheet, there is only +-15V specs. Could you please provide the VICM(common mode voltage input range)  VOS(Maximum peak output voltage swing) under +-12V supply?


  • Hi Zach,

    a good estimation is to subtract 3V from the data specified at +/-15V.


  • Zach,

    Kai is correct about bringing all the values 3V lower (closer to ground)

    I also suggest using the TL074H in new projects. It is a modern redesign of the ancient TL074.

  • Hi Ron M.

    Could please share me comparison of TL074H with TL074I?

  • Hi Zach,

    the TL074H is a total new design (CMOS?) and cannot simply be compared with the legacy TL074I. I'm a bit surprised to see them in the same datasheet.


  • Zack, Kai,

    Back when TL074 was created, JFET was the way to get low input current because CMOS op amps were not practical at that time.

    CMOS has advanced a lot since then. TL074H is different than most other CMOS op amps because the NMOS on input stage is primary (not secondary to just cover the top end of VCM). TL074H doesn't have any PMOS directly on input. So for both TL074 I and H, common mode near V- is not permissible. 

    Parameters TL074H TL074I
    Number of channels(#) 4 4
    Total supply voltage (Max) 40 30
    Total supply voltage (Min) 4.5 7
    Rail-to-rail In to V+ Always Usually
    GBW(Typ)(MHz) 5.25 3
    Slewrate(Typ)(V/us) 20 13
    Vos(offsetvoltage@ 25C) (mV) 4 6
    Iqperchannel(Typ) 0.94 1.40
    Vn at 1kHz 37 18
    Operating temperature range [-40C,125C] [-40C, 85C]
    Offsetdrift (Typ) (uV/C) 2 18
    Features  EMI Hardened  
    Input bias current(Max) (pA) 120 200
    CMRR (Typ) (dB) 105 100
    Output current (Typ) (mA) 26 10
    Architecture CMOS JFET bipolar
  • Ron,

    Thanks for your great story and comparison!