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LM358: LM358 Gains are inverted, Pin 4 and 8 in the place of the another. Vcc and GND.

Part Number: LM358

Good evening,

In design we used a Library on the software Proteus of your component. And it happens to have the Vcc in Pin 4 instead of Pin 8, and the ground in the other way around as you can see in Figure below. The datasheet says Vcc to be Pin 8 and negative gain to be Pin 4.

We already build the PCBs and they are too many to make a simple fixing. We will have to make a mini PCB working as a shield connected above ours to invert those poles. 

I wrote to your team to ask if the LM358 with the inverted poles does exists as the library suggest?

The circuit function is to remove the negative current of a AC non invasive current sensor as it amplifies its signal. It removes the negative current because the signal is going to be read by an Arduino Nano 33 IoT, and it could break it if it is not into a range of 0V to 3,33V. In design, we were supposed to set the lower limit with the negative gain as ground or V=0.

In that case, if the negative gain is Vcc=5V, and positive gain is ground V=0, in other words, if both gains are inverted and we use it as it is right now, What would happen? Our team says it could break the Arduino.

Would you suggest another solution to our problem? 

We are running out of time with our customer.

Thank you for any help or advise you can bring to us.

Best regards,

Estiven Taborda.

LM358 Library in Proteus

  • The LM358 has used this standard pinout for many decades. There is no device where pins 4 and 8 are exchanged. This is just an error in that library.

    The absolute maximum ratings forbid any of the other pins to have a voltage lower than pin 4. If you try to do this anyway, the device will not work at all, and resulting current will destroy the device.

  • Estivan,

    I have no knowledge of "Proteus" software / models (3rd party). The model shown does not label the supply pins. I see how that could be misleading.

    Almost all dual op amps (in 8 pin) have the same pinout. None have reversed supply pins.

    Have you tested this application? Lift pins 4 and 8 then connect them to proper supply.  

    What is the schematic for this section? LM358 doesn't accept input below ground (pin 4) 

  • We tested the application with physical componentes using the LM358 datasheet before manufacturing, everything was good until we notice that in the Library was inverted and the Pins connection wasn't loyal to the datasheet. Thank you for your guidance, we will have to correct it with a small pcb soldered above it.