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OPA192: Broken Spice Model (Model Rev 1.6)

Part Number: OPA192
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Please correct the model.

The new 1.6 version dated June-11-2021 is broken.It is missing parameters.

In line #259 of the model, SW_OL_OPAx192 parameters are missing. As reference, see line #259 below:

X_U25         SW_OL_OPAx192  MID N37029 N37037 SW_OL_OPAx192  PARAMS:

Thank you

  • Hi Rafael,

    Nice to hear from you! I hope all is good.

    Yes, when I attempt to run the OPA192 model in TINA-TI I am receiving the same #259 error as you. I believe this problem has been reported to our Modeling Engineer, but I would need to check with him to be sure. If I go back to the previous version of the OPA192 model and test it, it appears to be functioning and simulating correctly. I don't know the reasons why the model was updated more recently.

    I am attaching the TINA-TI OPA192 test circuit. (OPA192.TSC) and that should allow you to simulate the product's performance reasonably well. Meanwhile, I'll check with the Modeling Engineer to see if he has the OPA192 model repair in his queue.

    Regards, Thomas

    Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering3034.OPA192.TSC

  • Hi Rafael,

    I am finding that the current OPA192 simulation model runs correctly with current version of TINA-TI (Version SF-TI). I have an older Rev 9 version of TINA Industrial and the new doesn't run on it and sends the #259 error. It appears the new OPA192 model may have not been designed to be backward compatible with older TINA revisions.

    Please make sure you have a current version of TINA-TI, or TINA Industrial. Once that is the case try rerunning the model.

    Regards, Thomas

    Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering

  • Hi Tom,

    Glad you are helping me with this issue. Also, all is good just looking at a design that might take advantage of the OPA192 fast non-linear (comparator <-> linear-op-amp) recovery. It seems it will work as a good precision rectifier signal buffer that can speed-up RMS calculations by placing the "absolute function" in the signal chain instead of the software.

    With regards to the simulation issue, you were right. It was a TINA-TI backwards compatibility issue. I was using TINA-TI Version 9.3.100. After upgrading to TINA-TI Version 9.3.200, the OPA192 model version 1.6 was able to run. TINA-TI version 9.3.150 and 9.3.200 are able to handle the empty-parameters/no-parameters of line#259. 

    Thank you very much for looking into this issue.

    Very best regards,

    Rafael Ordonez