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AFE031: THS6222

Part Number: AFE031
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: THS6222, , OPA2670, OPA521, OPA564, AFE030, AFE032

Hi team,

May I ask that what is the different application scenarios between AFE031 and THS6222.

I see AFE031 is the AFE for PLC, THS6222 is the PLC line driver. Does the AFE031 integrate the function of THS6222?

I not clear about the use scenarios about the two parts. Could you please help give some comments?

Thank you!



  • Hi Ivy,

    the AFE031 allows power line communication supporting the CENELEC standard, while the THS6222 allows broadband communication over a power line. The AFE031 contains a line driver as well as the THS6222, but provides a way lower bandwidth compared to the THS6222. And the THS6222 only contains the line driver.


  • Kai is correct, the AFE031 is for the very low speed (metering kind of thing) Cenelec while THS6222 is the line interface driver for the much high speed PLC apps on grid powerlines. There in house PLC drivers and applications as well that are again different (Like the OPA2670 driver). The confusion is that PLC covers a lot of different things, requiring much different line interface drivers in each case. 

  • Hi Ivy,

    I not clear about the use scenarios about the two parts. Could you please help give some comments?

    As Kai and Michael pointed out, AFE031 is an integrated Powerline Communication (PLC) controller, see the block diagram below. The block diagram consists of Tx, Rx, register control, required filters and digital interface etc., and it is a single IC with the integrated all the required features for PLC application.  

    PLC Line Driver, such as OPA521, OPA564, THS6222, OPA2670 and other power amplifiers are specified as PLC line drivers (it may be used for other application as well), shown in the red square in the middle of AFE031's block diagram. First, it is a power amplifier with required BW, output voltage swings and current capabilities for driving PLC application.Second, the PLC line driver has to transmit or send Tx signals and is capable to couple Tx signals onto a powerline (AC or DC). In short, line drivers are power amplifiers that may be used to amplify small communication signals and transmit the gained information over a powerline. So AFE031 as PLC controller is different from line driver in this regard.    

    PLC application is grouped in two different communication categories, namely Narrow-Band (NB-PLC) and Broad-Band (BB-PLC). Any low bandwidth communication protocol uses <500kHz is considered as NB-PLC. PLC communication BW >500kHz is considered BB-PLC application.  

    AFE030, AFE031 and AFE032 are specified as NB-PLC controllers. 

    OPA521, OPA564 are specified as line drivers for NB-PLC application. 

    THS6222 and OPA2670 may be used as line drivers for both NB-PLC and/or BB-PLC application.

    TI does not produce BB-PLC controller (similar to AFE03x);  and we are specialized in PLC line drivers for BB-PLC application.  

    If you have additional questions, please let us know. 



  • Raymond, Kai and Michael,

    Really thanks for your kindly comments. Very clear!