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LM318-N: Upgrade part

Part Number: LM318-N
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LM318, TLE2071, OPA992, TL074, OPA2227, OPA228, NE5534

Hi Team,

Our customer is looking for a pin-for-pin DIP alternative/upgrade for LM318-N to be used for a British Fidelity MVT. The product page only suggests LM318 as an alternative, however, they are identical and offers no upgrade.

Can you help suggest a part?

Thanks in advance.



  • In the DIP package, there are no fully compatible alternatives. The nearest would be the TLE2071(A), which has a lower slew rate.

  • Hey Marvin,

    There is a new device released recently, the OPAx992, which was made with audio performance in mind. This is a 40V device with lower BW and Slew rate but outperforms the LM318-N in most other categories. I've provided a comparison table below. 

    ► Part Number lm318-n opa992
    Manufacturer TI TI
    Channel Count 1 1
    Vs Range 10V to 40V 2.7V to 40V
    GBW (MHz) 15 10.6
    Slew Rate (V/µs) 70 32
    Vos max @ 25oC (mV) 10 1
    Vos Drift, typ (µV/oC) 6 0.25
    Rail-to-Rail No In, Out
    IQ typ (mA) 4.5 2.48
    VN (nV/√Hz) 15 7
    ISC typ (mA) 20 65
    IBias (typ) (pA) 150000 10
    Operating Temperature (°C) 0 to 70 -40 to 125


  • Hi Jerry and Clemens,

    Thank you for the recommendation. the customer has a follow up regarding this.

    They already have an OPA2227P and OPA228P on hand, would it be okay to use these as a substitute for the LN318N and TL074?



  • The OPA2227 is a dual opamp. The TL074 is a quad opamp.

    The OPA228 is somwhat slower than the LM318, and decompensated. I do not know what electrical characteristics you actually need.

  • Marvin,

    If you could provide system specs needed we can help you find a good replacement or verify if OPA2227/OPA228 would suit the customer needs.


  • Hi Marvin,

    the datasheet of LM318-N shows in figure 37, 38 and 41 three different compensation methods. This makes the LM318-N rather unique. If the circuit of customer is using one of these compensation methods, it will be very difficult to find a fully exchange-compatible OPAmp. But if the customer is not using these compensation methods or is willed to make layout changes, then there are a lot of compatible OPAmps.

    I would eventually take the NE5534. As the LM318-N is usually taken in high gain applications, the NE5534 would not need to be compensated then.

    A more concrete answer can only be given when seeing the schematic.


  • Hi All,

    Thanks for the support. The customer is looking to replace the LN318N and TL074 on his British Fidelity MVT audio Preamp. I was unable to find schematic or the spec of this device due to it's old age.



  • Marvin,

    Understood, so they are looking for a 1:1 drop in replacement. We do not have a newer drop in replacement for the LM318-N.