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LMV722: Difference between LMV722 and LMV722-n

Part Number: LMV722


We are considering replacing LMV722IDGKR with LMV722MMX/NOPB due to delivery issues.

Q1) It is difficult to compare the LMV722 and LMV722-n because the datasheet formats are slightly different.
I would like you to tell me in detail the performance difference between the two model numbers other than the following parameters.
・Operating temperature range
・Iq per channel

Q2) Are the ICs of the LMV722 and LMV722-n the same, only the test process is different? Or do they have different manufacturing processes?


  • Hello Astro-san,

    A1) Comparison table

    ► Part Number LMV722 LMV722-N
    Manufacturer TI TI
    Channel Count 2 2
    Vs Range 2.2V to 5V 2.2V to 5.5V
    GBW (MHz) 10 10
    Slew Rate (V/µs) 5.25 5.25
    Vos max @ 25oC (mV) 3 3
    Vos Drift, typ (µV/oC) 0.6 0.6
    Rail-to-Rail In to V-, Out In to V-, Out
    IQ typ (mA) 1.03 0.9
    VN (nV/√Hz) 8.5 8.5
    ISC typ (mA) 24 24
    IBias (Max) (pA) 400000 400000
    Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to 105 -40 to 85
    Available Packages SOIC-8, VSSOP-8 SOIC-8, VSSOP-8
    Price (1ku web $) $0.344 $0.584

    A2)  LMV722-N is a National Semiconductor design. LMV722 was designed to match LMV722-N closely (not same processes). Later, TI acquired National Semiconductor. 

    LMV722-N will be a the closest match to LMV722.

  • Hi, Ron

    Thank you for your reply.
    We refer to the comparison table and comments to consider replacement.


  • Hi, Ron

    After sending your response to the customer, they asked for additional information.

    Q1. Could you send me the internal circuit of LMV722IDGKR and LMV722MMX/NOPB by this forum or private message?

    Q2. If it is difficult to provide 1 due to intellectual property issues, would you be able to give me some advice regarding detailed differences for replacement?

    [Question Background]
    They care about the difference between LMV722IDGKR and LMV722MMX/NOPB. If it's a normal replacement flow, they do enough verification to see if it's okay to replace. However, at this time they will not be able to fully perform such a verification due to the urgent need for replacement from a delivery perspective.



  • Astro,

    LMV722IDGKR was designed to match LMV722MMX/NOPB performance. I found a characterization packet (internal IP) that compares both. For all tests LMV722IDGKR was same or better than LMV722MMX/NOPB. LMV722IDGKR upper Vcm range is slightly better. CMRR, especially at high temperature, is better on DGK. VOL and VOH at 2k and 600 ohm load is better on DGK. It seems that typical (center of distribution) Vos for DGK is slightly negative and MMX is slightly positive. 

    If the application doesn't violate data sheet common mode range (or other parameters) then the chance for success is high.