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INA290: INA290A5QDCKRQ1 - Is P/N Available For Negative Voltage(s)?

Part Number: INA290


The title of this thread should read:

INA290A5QDCKRQ1 - Is P/N Available For Negative Voltage(s)? - The P/N we're using wasn't recognized by the search filter - INA290A5QDCKRQ1.

We're currently using the INA290A5QDCKRQ1 to measure current on a rail that is ~ 100V at 'full-power'  


Are there any P/N's similar to the INA290A5QDCKRQ1 that can run with a -100V rail?

If not -  hope this question isn't too goofy - but what if we swapped +/- on the INA290A5QDCKRQ1 - would/could that work?


We're constrained on space in this design (of course) - so it'd be great if we could use this P/N on both + and - rails, (+100V, -100V, respectively).

Thanks In Advance,
John W.

  • John,

    By rail I assume you only mean the voltage rail for the inputs and not the supply voltage for the INA290 itself.  The supply voltages for the INA290 is limited to 20V.  I did a quick filter on our current sense amplifiers and filtered anything above 100V.  See this link.  The issue is not the 100V but rather the -100V rail that we cannot just simply add a current sense amplifier to it and you would need another alternative.  

    If you cannot measure the current on the low side here are some alternatives with there own tradeoffs.  There are also other alternatives but with space constraints you will be limited on options.  

    Using a magnetic current sensor like the TMCS1100/.  This will depend on your accuracy required and your speed needed.  This is not as fast as INA290 and larger.

    Using an Isolated Amplifier.  Here size and speed as well as need to create two supply rails.