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LMH6321: Simulation model for LMH6321

Part Number: LMH6321
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BUF634, , TINA-TI, OPA593, OPA593EVM


does TI offer a full simulation model of the LMH6321 chip? The downloadable SPICE files from TI explicitly state "* MODEL DOES NOT HAVE PROGRAMMABLE CURRENT LIMIT", and the PSPICE for TI software doesn't have any LMH6321 model included or on their website. I'm trying to incorporate the LMH from one existing buffer design into something similar that would benefit from the current limiter, so the BUF634/A isn't an option. Am I out of luck here?

  • Oh, and same goes for the OPA593. The simple SPICE model doesn't include it, the Tina-TI example once more states " I-LIM feature is not yet modeled.", and the Cadence part search also yields zero results.

    "Specified current limit accuracy" is a banner spec point and it even got a resistor value vs current limit plot on page 1 of the datasheet, but it can not be simulated and needs testing in hardware? C'mon TI...

  • Hi Mathias, 

    Unfortunately, the model you found on the product's homepage is the only model we have for this device and like the model states it does not model the adjustable current limit of the device. As for the OPA593, there is a different product line that offers assistance with this device, I would suggest opening a separate thread for any questions or assistance as our knowledge with that specific device is limited.

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  • Hi,

    so I'll just duplicate my post for the OPA593 and will get the same answer for that one, too? Well, sorry, that's one way of not selling pretty promising ICs... :(

  • Hi Mathias,

    We have one model for our devices that work for both Tina-TI and PSpice for TI, and this model may be imported to third-party softwares that accept SPICE. The netlist lists the features and capabilities of the model. If not modeled, then you would have to test it on hardware. The OPA593 is not designed by the team assigned to this thread, and the responsible team may give you a different response. Instead of duplicating the question, I can reassign this thread to the appropriate team, and they will get to you shortly.

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  • Hi Mathias, 


    This is correct. PRAMPS team does not model the behaviors of "digital" logics in the behavior model, such as OPA593 in Green-Williams-Lis Macro-model for recent years. The current limiting feature in some older TI PSpice simulation may be modeled, but these are the exceptions. 

    In OPA593 PSpice model, the current limiting pin features are descripted in details in the following sections + current-limit figures. Enclosed are the captured images that described the current limiting features in the OPA593's datasheet.  

    For instance, the following op amp characteristics are modeled under the OPA593 PSpice macro-model. 

    If you want to understand the current-limiting feature better, you may want to check out our OPA593EVM.

    If have additional questions, please let us know.