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INA226:INA226 noise problem

Part Number: INA226


I have an issue with my circuit. At the power input of the circuit, there is a surge coil, and the +24 volts and ground lines pass through this surge coil before reaching the board. The supply voltage of the MOSFET and the VBUS voltage of the INA226 are both read from the same point. In environments with a lot of noise, such as induction ovens and CNC machines, the INA226 goes into self-protection mode, preventing the circuit from functioning properly. To mitigate this noise, I would like to implement a noise filter circuit for the VBUS line of the INA226 to ensure its correct and continuous operation. A part of the circuit is attached.Thank you

  • Hi Omer, 

    Theoretically there should be no issue adding a filter onto the VBUS line for noise, although there is also the software solution of increasing averaging to average out noise. Also, the INA226 does not have a "self-protection mode" that you mention which prevents functionality, and nothing should be affected by noise except for the accuracy of the measurement. Could you tell me more about this? 

  • Hi Muhammed,

    I am experiencing a problem in some of my circuits where communication with the INA226 is disrupted, and no data is received. However, when I power off and on the main supply, communication is restored. This issue tends to occur in circuits I soldered myself (using a soldering iron). I don't believe it is a software-related problem because, as I mentioned, some of my circuits exhibit this issue.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Hi Omer,

    There's a chance the solder could be adding more resistance to the line, causing irregularity. How are the other circuits being soldered? Are they also causing issues? 

  • Hi Muhammad,

    Other circuits are soldered with a machine assembly line. We have encountered an issue where communication is disrupted in 2 out of 100 products coming from the assembly line. What are the considerations I need to pay attention to in this case?

  • Hi Omer, 

    Do you mind attaching scope shots of the communication lines (SDA, SCL, VBUS may also be helpful) to the affected units? It may be worth attaching a scope shot of a self soldered as well as assembly line unit. I would also be curious to see the "self-protection mode" if possible.