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TLC072 - looking for better rail to rail performance device

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLC072, OPA2322, TLC2272


A designer at a TI focus account we call on sent this message:  "We’re using the TLC072It turns out that with +/-3.15V supplies (the bottom end of our supply voltage tolerance) we actually don’t quite get 5Vpp input and output, which is our design goal.  We get closer to 4.5Vpp max output without clipping (into ~12kOhm load).  For the design I’ve already completed, we’re just accepting this, but we’d like to improve it in designs that I’m starting right now. "


Hope you all in the business unit can help find a device with better input and output range (it sounds like the output is most important) -- these kinds of searches are very difficult to do without wading thru datasheets.  EAU is 100k.  

thanks and regards,

George Biner, Arrow LA FAE (TI)

  • Hi George,

    Without knowing more about the application and the performance required its a bit difficult to suggest an alternate part. What is the bandwidth and amplification required in your customers application?

  • Hi George,

    One part that may be a suitable candidate for your customer is the OPA2322 which is a 5V RRIO CMOS opamp with comparable specifications to the TLC072. The supply voltage would need to be reduced (the OPA2322 has a 5.5V Vs max) but otherwise this part is a good starting point until we have further requirements from the customer.

  • hello:  here is further info from the customer: 

    >>>>  The short answer is it must be equal to or better than TLC072 in most electrical characteristics.  The critical ones are cost, equivalent input noise (current and voltage), quiescent current, supply voltage (must work with +/-3.3V) and I/O voltage range (must be able to handle 5Vpp input and ouput).  We might be able to accept a slightly worse GBW (maybe as low as 1MHZ), slew rate (maybe as slow as 1V/usec), input offset voltage and current, input bias current, etc., but not much worse. >>>>

    Please let me know of a close alternative.  Thx.  G Biner, Arrow LA

  • George,

    The TLC2272 is a rail-to-rail output opamp that should meet your customer's goals of input and output voltage range. The input voltage range includes the negative supply rail and is specified to within 300mV of the positive supply rail.