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Part Number: SN10502
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  • The current test was out of line, causing a fever. Just replace the chip in stock from a few years ago

  • Hello,

    I have questions about the circuit behavior you are observing:

    1. Are you seeing issue with the SN10502 current consumption or power draw?  The quiescent current for the SN10502 is 12mA per channel, and there are two channels for a total of Iq_total = 24mA.

    2. Are you seeing issues on older parts, ordered years ago?  Or are you seeing issues on parts that were assembled years ago, and are not performing well now?

    3. Is the SN10502 overheating?

    4. Does the problem occur when you swap another device onto the board?  This is known as an A-B-A swap, where you put the test device onto another board and a new device onto the test board.

    5. Could you share your circuit schematic and board layout?

    6. What power supplies are you using for the SN10502?

    7. Are your input & output signals properly terminated?  Video signals typically require 75 Ohms termination.  On the inputs this is usually via a shunt to GND, while on the output the 75 Ohms is usually in series with the output signal.  

    This is the example circuit from the datasheet.

    Please let me know how I can help you and your project.



  • About what you said about A-B-A swap is that it has been tried before, so we can use the parts we bought a few years ago after the swap! This part of the parameters of the circuit with its own is 12ma, customers in the test process parameters exceed the standard, the test process current from 20mA to 30mA, resulting in Heat

  • Hello,

    The device has as TYP quiescent current of 12mA per channel, 24mA total with 5V single supply.  In +5V and -5V split supply, the total Iq for the SN10501 is 28mA, or 14mA per channel.  

    Your values are not outside of expected limits for current draw for quiescent current, which is without a signal present on the device inputs.  

    I do not think your heating issue is from the part, as the measured currents are as expected for the dual-channel device package.

    If you have concerns about specific units, you can share the lot code & top & bottom side markings of the devices.  Make sure you label which devices are known to be good and which devices have your concern.

    Without a circuit schematic or any PCB information, I cannot make any recommendations.  To my understanding, the part is performing as expected.  You may be heating your PCB or part more than needed if you have poor PCB layout or you are pushing your power supply current through small vias & traces to the amplifier.