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INA226: Probably lot of fakes of INA226

Part Number: INA226

Hi guys,

I just wanted to raise the awareness of the following issue.

Some time ago I asked about inaccuracy issues with INA226.

That time I had an suspicion, that I might be dealing with fake chips.

Now I found the following thread

And it seems that the Chinese market is probably flooded with fake INA226 chips. For reference please see the difference:


On the left is supposed original, while on the right is the fake.

So it seems that I'm not the only one who have such experience.

I just wanted to raise the awareness of such suspicion. And more over, maybe start the discussion. 

So far I though that counterfeit chips from China are mainly coming from recycled parts or maybe re-branded chips/parts.

But those here seem to be completely fake chips, which present themselves with the same behavior, same functionalities.. Only difference is the accuracy.

How is that even possible? Are such chip designs copied and really produced in China? Does it make business sense for them for such cheap chips?

If it is so, then we are facing huge issue, since there is no easy way how to tell the difference in general. If you are dealing with recycled part, then it is partially OK, because you still get the original part. When they just overwrite the label, then usually the specification does not fit and you find out soon.. but if you have a real fake? Are you aware of such cases?