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PGA202 - Voltage offset over temperature

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I am using the PGA202 for a laser trimming application where i need to amplify down to 800uV DC signal, so i need to keep the offset lowest possible. During board bringup, i shorted the input of the PGA202 to its ground in an attempt to measure its offset. I measured 5mV at the output (Gain=1, Ref terminal = 'Ground', Temperature = 35degC, 10pf at both FIL-A, B inputs). I looked at the specs of the PGA202 and the measurement seems pausible (spec: max 1mV+5mV (for G=1) at 25degC).

i am trying to estimate the max offset at higher temperature...and i notice under the "over  temperature" row, it states (24+240/G) with uV/degC as the unit.

Is the (24+240/G)  the offset drift or the max offset over the temperature range? If former, it would be 264uV x 10degC = 2.6mV on top of the spec at 25degC? If latter, then max offset is 264mV. Which is the correct intepretation?