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replace LT6233-10

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do you have suggestion part to replace LT6233-10?

  • Jeff,

    TI does not have an exact replacement to the LT6233-10 (decompensated version). But, depending on what your circuit needs are, we may have some options to consider. I will throw several options to consider below. But, if you can share what your specific key care-abouts are, then I may be able to narrow things down quickly. I will assume low power is a key concern so I will start with that. Keep in mind that Voltage Feedback (VFB) amplifiers do have a gain-bandwidth (GBW) product rule so as gain increases, bandwidth is reduced.

    a) OPA835 : RRO, up to 5V single supply, Iq = 250uA, 56MHz

    b) OPA836: RRO, up to 5V single supply, Iq = 1mA, 205MHz

    c) OPA2889, Dual, up to 12V single supply, Iq = 460uA/ch, 60MHz @ G=2

    d) THS4281, RRIO, up to 15V single supply, Iq = 750uA, 90MHz

    e) OPA890, up to 12V single supply, Iq = 1.1mA, 115MHz @ G=2

    f) LMH6618, RRIO, up to 11V single supply, Iq = 1.25mA, 130MHz

    g) LMH6645, RRIO, up to 12V single supply, Iq = 650uA, 55MHz

    Another opiton to consider is to go to a Current Feedback Amplifier for high gain. this is because CFB amps do not have a GBW product limitation as much as VFB amps do. There are pros and cons of a CFB vs VFB, but in many cases a CFB will work without issues.

    h) OPA683, up to 12V single supply, Iq = 940uA, 94MHz @ G=10

    i) LMH6723, up to 12V single supply, Iq = 1mA, 200MHz @ G = 6

    j) OPA684, up to 12V single supply, Iq = 1.7mA, 120MHz @ G = 10