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High speed High voltage output operational amplifier

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 Hello ,  I am Gilles from France and i am a electronics trainee. I must make a amplification device in order to amplify signal pci  and another kind of alternative signal.

My device must  :

-  amplify a 1MHz +/-10V signal (respecting signal integrity);

- be able to have a 1MHz +/-30V output voltage;

- supply at least one output current of 30mA.

I found 35 84 ( ) but it is Not Recommended for New Design. I wonder if there is a replacement part that you could advise me .

I am looking for the same type of component for a attenuation device that i must realize.

it must  :

-  attenuate a 1MHz +/-30V signal (respecting signal integrity);

- be able to have a 1MHz +/-10V output voltage ;

- supply at least one output current of 20µA.

Thank you for your reading.

  • Hi Gilles,

    As you already know, the 3584 is a very old device and is now obsolete and no longer manufactured. I'm sorry to report that there are no op amps in TI that have the voltage capability, output current and speed of the 3584. This was a very specialized device.

    There are greater possibilities on the second requirement. To handle +/-10 sine wave signals of 1MHz without distortion would require a slew rate in the range of 100V/us. This is beyond the range of our so-called precision op amp product line. I will move your request to the high speed product area. They have devices in this speed range.

    Regards, Bruce.

  • Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for your answer , I will see precision op amp.

    Thank you for your reading.

  • Hi Gilles,

    Does your load have to be single-ended or can it be differential? You might be able to configure two LME49713s in bridged mode to get the voltage swing with plenty of bandwidth.

    If your load needs to be single-ended, the LME49810 configured as an op amp with low gain might be close enough to work. This IC is a high-voltage driver IC where the amount of current drive is configurable by the designer and the output stage transistors selected.

    Just trying to present some options to solve the problem. As Bruce states, we don't have a direct replacement.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi John,

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    My load have to be single-ended. I don't know bridge mode. This mode would allow me to get  the voltage swing with plenty of bandwith. Would you have a A.N that would explain how to design this circuit?

    Thank you for your reading.


  • Hi Gilles,

    Attached is one circuit example of what is meant by bridged topology. It is essentially taking a single-ended voltage input and converting it to a differential output.

    Best Regards,



  • Hi JD,

    Thank you for your answer.  This is an excellent way to have a voltage greater than supply voltage. But the output is differential voltage and i need a single ended .

    Thank you for your reading.


  • Hello All,

    Here is a list of TI amplifiers which can run from +/-35V supplies and have at least 5MHz of bandwidth. You would have to check the respective datasheet for the finer details:

    Alternatively, it may be feasible to use some of the circuits noted in the following old application note:

    Such as the Figure 6 from the application note above where the supply voltages are only limited by the external transistor breakdown voltages and are at +/-120V here:

    The large signal response above, however, is only in the 100's of kHz, with the 5us/division scope plot shown, and you mean need to improvise to get into the MHz range.