The best place to get footprints for TI devices is from:

From there you can follow the step by step instructions which include downloading and installing the UltraLibrarian software which will allow you to obtain footprints for any of the listed platforms.

Step 1: - Download and install the Ultra Librarian software
Note: This software does not currently support double-byte character sets (such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Step 2: - Click on the desired part below and OPEN the file to start Ultra Librarian. (You can try the TLC062DGN for example which is an amplifier with an MSOP8 package)

Step 3: - Follow the instructions in Ultra Librarian.

If you just want to see an example board layout and there is not an EVM available for the op amp you have chosen then you could look at the user guide for our OPAMPEVM which is a universal PCB and can be found at the link below. I hope this helps.

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