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LMV934-N same as LMV934?

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I have a customer that completed their LTB of our LMV934 and needs more units.  Is the LMV934-N the EXACT p4p equivalent as the LMV934?  If not, can you outline the differences.  If so, can you confirm that the LMV934-N has no Obsolence plan? 

  • Hello Ali,

    The LMV93x was first introduced by National. TI second-sourced the LMV93x a while later. TI also created many more package options.

    After the acquisition, TI decided to close the fab that makes the TI LMV93x's and obsolete them, and keep the National LMV93x-N's.

    However, remember that these are two different devices created by two different companies on two different process by two different they will never be *exact* replacements. The first-order specs will match, but there will be subtle differences in the devices.

    Luckily in the case of the LMV93x's, the datasheet specs are nearly identical - but that does not mean there may be slight differences when the specs are pushed near the limits (like output drive or phase margin/cap loading).

    If the customer is relying on any particular spec or behavior, they may wish to qualify the new devices across their parameters (particularly temperature).

    There are no plans to obsolete the LMV93x devices. In fact, we are working on Q versions and more package options (if there is demand).