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OPA333 Single power supply

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Hi All.

i'm making a inverter amplifier. i configure opam in single supply like application guide "Single-Supply Op Amp Design Techniques" i do it in bread board and simulation in Tina but output alway satturation, with in put is sine signal 0.01V. I don't know why it not work. I upload the schematic .

Thank for any help


  • The voltage at +ve terminal of the OP-AMP in your setup is very high that for all AC inputs(VG1) output will be saturated. The voltage at +ve terminal is 2*(392K/(392K+5K)) = 1.9748 V(=k).

    So Vout =  {k-(392/5)*(k+VG1)} where k=1.9748V.

    Assuming 0.01V is the maximum amplitude of your VG1 ,Vout =-153.63352 V. This is very much large that your biasing supply of 4 V. So the output saturates.

    To avoid saturation, ground the positive terminal. If you still want a offset, then decrease V2 or change R3 and R4 values

  • thank deepak

    i change Vref to 10mV and it work.