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OPA3693 - Power Supply

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Hi Team,

Could you please tell me about the power supply of OPA3693 ?

This device is designed and tested for Vs = +/- 5V or +5V.

Can you use this device with the power supply of Vs = +5V, -3.5V ?

Please tell us if there is something we need to care.

Thanks and Best Regards,

  • Kawai,

    Op amps do NOT have internal ground and thus all specs are referenced to supply rails.  For that reason, you may use OPA3693 with any supplies (including +5V, -3.5V) as long as the total supply voltage, Vs=V(+)-(V-), is greater than the minimum specified voltage of 3.5V (+/-1.75V) and less than maximum specified values of 12V (+/-6V). 

    Of course, you need to make sure that you do not violate the input common-mode and output voltage ranges which are always specified with respect to its rails-see below.  With +5V, -3.5V supplies this would mean that the valid minimum input common-mode range is 1.6V (5V-3.4V) away from its rails:  -1.9V<Vcm<+3.4V, while the minimum output voltage swing is 1.3V (5V-3.7V) away from its rails: -2.2V<Vout<+3.7V

  • Hi Marek-san,

    Thank you for the answer with the detail explanation.

    Best Regards,