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Operational amplifier suggestion

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SN10501, THS4221, THS4226, SN10503

Hello dears,

I would need an operational amplifier with power supply up to 10 V (+5 V & -5V), to amplify a signal with frequency up to 10 MHz.

The maximum feedback gain will be of 2.

Could you please give me some suggestion about what op amp I could choose for my application?

Thank you.


  • Hi Simon,

    There are quite a few options available in the High-speed TI products list of which some are SN10501 with single channel to SN10503 with three channels, THS4221 upto THS4226 and likewise. They can be found in the products section in TI:

    Most of the amplifiers are nominally specified as unity gain stable in closed loop but they would work equally well for closed loop gain of 2V/V. Do you have any other specific requirement apart from supply voltage and gain to narrow down the search like noise and distortion?

    Best Regards,


  • Dear Rohit,

    Thank you for your reply and for linking me the TI product selection application.

    However, I would like to find some IC in DIP package. But no one of the given from the product selection app is rail to rail and DIP package.

    It could be fine for prototyping and for easy mounting.

    Maybe I did not find it.



  • Hi Simon,

    I am afraid that we don't have a part which is both rail-to-rail and is in DIP package.

    DIP packages are mainly intended for mounting on a bread-board and in some cases thru-hole pcb mounting, I am thinking former to be your case, but the performance may not be ideal upto 10MHz due to several factors like contact on the board, thermal heating issues. If you are using for prototyping then I would suggest ordering a PCB EVM of a rail-to-rail part in SOT or SOIC package which will enable you to evaluate true performance of the part.

    Best Regards,