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High Output Current Op-amp(LM8262) Question

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I was wondering if this particular Op-Amp(LM8262) outputted a constant current of 60mA. I'm using this as a voltage follower. I have noticed that some Op-amps will output different current values when setup in this manner while having the same output voltage. So if I were to put this Op-amp in my circuit would I have and output current of 60mA with the same Voltage I'm having with all other op-amps?

I'm outputting a voltage of 2.5V with a current of 30mA, if I use this op-amp would I have a voltage of 2.5 V with a current of 60mA?



  • Hello Sahil,

    Each op-amp family will have different current-limit values. The output will limit the current by folding-back the output voltage, which limits the output swing.

    Most general-purpose op-amps are in the 20-30mA range. There are a few "high output drive" op-amps that can go up to 50-100mA and some on up to several amps.

    You can get a general idea of the current limit from the "Short Circuit Current" spec in the table - though you generally do not want to operate too close to that as you are not in a "linear" region at that point (out of regulation).

    What is your supply voltage? This makes a big difference in output drive.


  • Our Supply Voltage for the entire circuit is 5V, but we have 2.5 V entering the Op-Amp.

  • I was wondering if you needed additional information.