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TLV2771 for piezoelectric material force sensor problem

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    Currently I want to use TLV2771 circuit to connect to our piezoelectric material. I am not sure if it fit our demand. 

    Actually my major is not in this field. This is all new to me. And I saw a lot of chips in the TLV2771 category, does anybody can explain the difference between each other?

    And I go over the reference circuit provided on the website ( I want to make it working in charge mode. The attachment is the circuit we want to use.  

    I wanted to double-check that I'm understanding the circuit.

    My material parameter is:




    Desired to work in low frequency region: 0.01Hz~10Hz

    And fL = 1/(2pi*Ri*Cf)

    fH = 1/(2pi*Ri(Cp+Cc))

    gain = 1/Cf

  My calculated values are:

    Rf = 500MOhm

    Cf = 15nC/5V=3nF

    Ri = 20Mohm

   I'm not sure if my calculation is correct. And I don't know how to add the Vcc in the graph.

   And i don't know how could i started to build the circuit. Is evaluation board needed besides the chips? I appreciate your help very much.