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LF356MX Op-amp operation related queries

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 I am using LF356MX op-amp in design. I am operating LF356MX with 5V supply.

 I have following queries related to this part:

1) As per datasheet, maximum current required for LF356 is 10 mA @±15V supply. So, what will be current @±5V supply?

2) Can this op-amp operate with single supply (i.e. 0 to 5V) instead of ±5V?

3) As per Recommended operating Conditions, LF15X can be operated between ±15V to ±20V supply but as per graphs (typical DC performance characteristics), LF155/6 are shown to be operated with ±5V, ±10V, ±15V and ±20V. So, can i use LF155 with ±5V supply? 

  • Hello Vishal,

    #1 See Figure 6 on page 8. Looks to be about 3.5mA at ±5V (10V) at room temp. This is a typical. The LF156 is the same basic die as the LF356, just tested to different conditions.

    #2  I would not recommend it. Since figure 6 starts at ±5V (+10V), they are not recommended for less than +10V. Beware that on a single 5V supply, the input range and output swing limit the usability.

    The input common mode range does not include V-, and the input must be at least 3V ABOVE V-, so on a single 0 and 5V supply, the input range is 3 to 5V. The output only swings 2V from each rail, so the output swing would only be 2 to 3V.

    #3. Yes. See figure 5, page 8. The graphs starts at ±5V.

    The LFx55 family should not be run under 8V. There are MUCH better devices to run at low voltages. If you give us an idea of what you are intending to do, we can recommend more suitable devices.


  • HI Paul,

    Thanks for your response.

    we are using opamp as instrumentation amplifier and voltage follower buffer stage with maximum frequency of 10 KHz.

    Our requirement is, opamp can operate at ±5V as well as at 0V to5V with lower current requirement.
    If dual opamps in single chip is available then it will be preferable.

    Best Regards,

    vishal Dhanani

  • Hello Vishal,

    You can consider OPA2192 or LMP7702.

    Thanks and regards,