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TLC372 How to deal with the unused pins

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Hi Team,

The customer is using TLC372. And he only uses one channel. Another channel will not be used. 

How deal with the unused pins? Pull up to VCC, pull down to GND,floating or any other ways?

Best Wishes,
Mickey Zhang
Asia Customer Support Center
Texas Instruments

  • Hi Mickey,

    It is best to set up the unused comparator TLC372 section's inputs in a differential voltage arrangement. That way the output will be set up in a predictable high, or low, state. There is no chance of its output flipping state after power up has been completed. This avoids the possibility of the comparator switching very rapidly in response to noise which could occur if the inputs are tied to the same potential.

    The TLC372 output is an open-drain MOSFET that would normally terminate to VDD with a pull-up resistor. Since the comparator section isn't being is used the output can be left open. If the inverting input is connected to GND, and the non-inverting input is connected to VDD, the output will attempt to assume a high state which means the output MOSFET will be turned off. It could just as easily be connected with the inputs at the opposite potentials and the output will attempt to a low state. It doesn't really matter because the output is open.

    Regards, Thomas

    PA - Linear Applications Engineering

  • Hi Thomas,
    Thank you for your reply. Could you please give me a reference schematic?