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TRF37D73: S-parameter and full wideband response info needed

Part Number: TRF37D73

Three questions about this part:

1- Can you provide full s-parameter data for 100nH, 680nH and 4.7uH assembled in the TRF37D73EVM covering 1Mhz-6GHz. The information available online is for very limited frequency range, not covering the full device range, only the lowest frequency range up to 400MHz max.

2- Can you provide a bias tee design recommendation (probably multi stage) to cover linearly range from 1MHz to 6GHz. The simple 1-choke inductor seems to be limited in frequency response, so operating multi-decade would require a more elaborate bias tee and question is if TI has a recommended design for that.

3- Can you provide ABS or PSPICE model for this component?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Ariel,

    1. The full s-parameter data for the TRF37D73EVM can be found in the Tools & Software Folder online along with the ADS and SPICE model.

    2. I don't think we have a bias tee design recommendation other than the simple 1-choke inductor design. At broad-band frequencies from 1MHz to 6GHz, any circuit complexity would add to increased parasitic which can limit the maximum operating frequency. It is possible to use the 1-choke inductor topology at the output to operate over multiple decades using the right value inductor. You can refer this article which shows how to operate the TRF37D73 at lower frequencies up to 1MHz:

    3. I think I have answered this in question 1.

    Best Regards,



  • Hi Rohit,

    1- Thanks for the pointer to this, we got the ones related to the EVM earlier and not the ones for the part itself, which are in a different place. Anyway, unfortunately S-Parameters file you point to does not get lower than 50MHz. The part is supposed to be characterized and suggested from frequencies of 1Mhz and up to 6GHz.

    We found another file (PDF) in a TI online location (not the Tools&Software) labelled TIDA-00347 Very Low-Frequency Data (1-15 MHz) which seems to be related to the EVM board, not the part itself. However, it has no indication which specific BOM was used in the EVM for this test, and even if it is known the 15-50Mhz range is uncovered by any document we could find.

    2- Actually a multi-stage bias tee is the standard way to avoid parasitic and self-resonance of inductors and cover wideband. The question is if TI can recommend a design for that, I guess the answer is "no".

    3- Does the ADS and PSPICE models cover the full range or only a fraction of the 1Mhz-6GHz range as the S-Param file does?

  • Hi Ariel,

    1. I don't think the part has been characterized from frequencies of 1MHz up to 6GHz all at once, using only one circuit configuration. The main limitation in this is the availability of high value choke inductors with high SRF values. It is possible to operate the part close to 1MHz using high value choke inductors (4.7uH); but then due to lower SRF value of these inductors, the maximum operating frequency gets limited. The file you have shown above is characterized using 100nH choke inductor which limits the performance to 50MHz on the lower end and goes up to 6GHz. I think the dependence of TRF37D73 performance on choke inductors is explained in this article:

    2. Sorry. But, I don't think I have a recommendation for a multi-stage bias tee for this part.

    3. I looked over the ADS models and it should be able to support the device characteristics properly from 1MHz to 6GHz. You may have to include S-parameters of the inductors from the vendors in-order to simulate the true performance at the higher frequency.

    Best Regards,


  • Thank you - all set.