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TLV8802: TLV8801 vs TLV8802 supply current.

Part Number: TLV8802
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As I understand the TLV8801 and TLV8802 are the one and two channels variation of the same OPA. But when I look on the supply current  characteristics I see that TLV8802  has less curent consumption (~320nA) then TLV8801 (~450nA). In the mean time the rest parameters in the datasheet are shown as similar. 

May be I overlook something and there are  another parameters which are differ. 

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  • Hello Oleksiy,

    This is the "fun" of nano-power amplifiers - every nanoamp counts. Also note that the supply current is "per channel" - so the total current of the dual will be twice the shown value (640nA).

    Every amplifier needs an internal bias generator. To assure proper start-up under temperature extremes, the bias circuit needs to burn some current.

    Both the single and dual use the same bias circuit. The dual shares the bias circuit between both channels. So the 190nA bias circuit current is split between the channels when the total supply current is divided by two for the dual. The result is that the single current seems higher when viewed as "per channel".
  • Thanks Paul,

    Now I see that difference come from recalculation current supply to one channel.  And this doesn't mean if we hypothetically for TLV8802 switch off one channel   we would obtain the same 450nA supply current as for single channel TLV8801.