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DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM: Choice of various amplifiers

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV9062

Hi, I am looking at the list of amplifiers for this DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM.

I am not sure which amplifiers are suitable to populate the EVM based on the types of amplifier circuits on page 4 of the datasheet.

Can you recommend me the parts to me so that I can order them and populate it immediately for study and experiment?

Here parts for these circuits as below. That's all I can think of.

Non-inverting amplifier - LM2904DRG3 (Dual Operational Amplifier) or TLC27L2BCD-LinCMOS (Precision Dual Operational Amplifier)

Inverting amplifier - LM2904DRG3 (Dual Operational Amplifier) or TLC27L2BCD-LinCMOS (Precision Dual Operational Amplifier)

Difference amplifier with reference buffer - AN1A54 (High Speed Difference Amplifire G=1)

Multiple feedback filter -?

Sallen-Key filter -?

Riso with dual feedback -?

Two op-amp instrumentation amplifier -?

Single-ended input to differential output -?

Parallel opamps -?

Differential input to differential output -?


  • Hello,

    The DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM was designed for all devices with the industry standard dual op amp pin out in the SOIC (D) package such as the TLV9062.

    Thank you,

    Tim Claycomb

  • Hi Timothy,


    TLV9062 is a good choice but I do not think it can be used for all different circuits in this EVM, isn't it?

    Ok, since this TLV9062 can be used as an inverting and non-inverting amplifier.

    Again kindly provide some info for other circuits.



  • Hi Clement,

    Any op amp that has the industry standard dual op amp SOIC (D) package pin out will work on the EVM. The TLV9062 is just one example. The EVM uses a dual op amp to build circuits like a Difference Amplifier with Reference Buffer, Two Op Amp Instrumentation Amplifier, etc. Please take a look at the schematics of each circuit provided in the DUAL-DIYAMP-EVM User's Guide.

    Thank you,

    Tim Claycomb