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AMC1301: About reference design TIDA-00835

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Part Number: AMC1301
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Please let me know about three point below for AMC1301 and TIDA-00835;

①Sometimes, user's guide is described "AMC1200", is correct parts AMC1301? 

②Can AMC1301 and ADS131A04 use 24bit specification?

 Datasheet P69 (Table 51, attached below) is described only Error spec, I want to decide total resolution of AMC1301(AMC1200) and ADS131A04.

③Customer is conscious of AMC1301 spec depend on resolution spec of ADC. 

 Is there any cause of decrease ADC output accuracy by OPAMP(AMC1301)?  

 For example, effect for popcorn noise, etc.

 Please let me know about opinion for above points.   

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  • Hello Satoshi

    Thank you for the query and promoting TIDA-00835

    The Design uses AMC1301 and all the results are for AMC1301. Thank you for pointing this, we will consider these when we make updates.

    TIDA-00835 High Accuracy ±0.5% Current and Isolated Voltage Measurement Reference Design Using 24-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Block Diagram Image

    AMC1301 + ADS132A04 ADC can use 24 bit specs if a gain scaling amplifier is used at the output of AMC1301

    Before I answer the third question, can you help me understand customer application and how customer has implemented the front end measurement.



  • Sreenivasa-san

    Thank you for reply,

    Customer application is protection relay, customer next model will require more high accuracy.
    (24bit resolution or ENOB: 18bit)

    Sorry for additional question for your answer ②;
    Please let me confirm about resolution spec.
    I confirmed about AMC1301 spec, nonlinearity: 0.03% is difficult for 24 bit resolution.
    Is this correct?
    And, if required 24bit solution, can't AMC1301 match these spec?

    Best regards,
  • Hello Satoshi

    Thank you for the confirmation.

    AMC1301 may not support the required resolution due to the A/D and D/A conversion involved internally before connecting to the ADC.

    Alternatively customer can consider AMC1305 or AMC1306 for achieving higher resolution since ADC is directly connected to the sensor input.

    Please refer TIDA-00080 or TIDA-00738 for more details.