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TLV2401: Proper DC-DC Converter

Part Number: TLV2401
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV2402-Q1, , TLV8541

Dear Ti,

I am looking for DC-DC Converters which will be a load of TLV2401-Q1 Opamp. Vin from lowest as possible till 5.5V and Vout=3.3 V. The best choice will be buck-boost converter.Which part you recommend?

Thanks a lot



  • Marcin
    Unfortunately the TLV2401 is not automotive qualified. We had plans to qualify it but only were able to automotive qualify the dual channel, TLV2402-Q1. I am actually in the process of updating the datasheet to avoid the confusion. Is your application automotive or can you use an industrial qualified device? In regards to your power supply question, I can move your post to the power supply forum so you can get better support. Since the quiescent current of devices like the TLV2401 is so low, the overhead of a DC/DC converter may be more than the amplifier. You may be better suited with a shunt reference.
    On the power supply requirements, what is your max input voltage that needs to be regulated down to 3.3V. I believe that is what you are wishing to achieve.
  • Hi Chuck,
    No, it is not automotive. Yes you can move to power supply forum. Just for better understanding: I only need to regulate output voltage from opamp which will go to MUC. My source generate small signal up to 500mV with very low current and very high Zout=100 MOhm. I used opamp with Gain=10 so I got almost 5V output signal. Now I only want to convert to stable 3.3V as GPIO signal for MUC.
  • Marcin
    Sorry for my confusion, but is a MUC some sort of audio input device? What frequency range are you concerned with? Another configuration for you to consider is to regulate the power supply of the amplifier so its output never goes beyond 3.3V. If the load impedance of the MUC is fairly high, our amplifiers will drive nearly to the rail. When it reaches the rail it will just clip and thus protect your MUC from seeing voltage above 3.3V.
    Also, you are looking at a very low power amplifier. So I presume power consumption is important. So if you need low power and low cost is important, I would suggest you look at the TLV8541 instead and regulate the voltage to the amplifier with a zener diode or something very low cost like shunt regulator. It doesn't sound like the accuracy of the regulation is important, it is just to protect the input of your MUC. A capacitor in parallel with a zener diode should work for you if I am understanding correctly.