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OPA2835: Got hit over the head bad with wrong info from TI!

Part Number: OPA2835


I downloaded the .bxl for the RUN package of the above chip from the TI website. The schematic library symbol has pin 4 and 5 swapped.

Pin 4 is labeled VS- and Pin5 is labeled PD1. The data sheet shows the correct pin out and it should be the other way around.

I trusted the symbol as it is from TI and didn't check the symbol. We went ahead and manufactured 8 boards. In our circuit both
PD pins are tied to VS+. Because of the swapping now the ground is tied to VS+ through the chip :((((

We started up one board and there is dead short to ground and we traced it to these chips. Each board cost us USD600 to

manufacture. Now we have to throw all of these in the bin - USD4,800 gone just like that. Any compensation TI?

Another question is what happens when you connect positive to ground through the chip? Does it get damaged?

There was a fair bit of current draw but was limited through the power supply. Draw close to 1AMP.

One would think that important information like this is checked. Lesson learned. Double check schematic symbols and footprints.

Thanks so much have made our day!


  • Hi Manjula,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am working to remedy the incorrectly arranged pins in the .bxl file. Can you share your schematic to help us understand the implementation and determine whether or not the device was damaged? We are always happy to review schematics on this forum to avoid and catch these kinds of issues. If you would like to take this offline, let me know and I'll reach out via email.

    Our warranty states the devices will perform as specified in the absolute and electrical characteristics sections of the datasheet. For more information, please review the terms of sale and the important notice at the bottom of the datasheet.

  • The .bxl file has been updated. Thank you.